A Brief Overview

TX3ToTheTrade.com was conceived and developed by its founder and creative director Jon Kavajian. For over thirty five years Jon has honed his skills and surrounded himself with a team of associates, subcontractors and vendors whose combined efforts have, through the course of many hundreds of projects, wrought exemplary results. The extent of Team TX3's capabilities are nothing less then extraordinary. A quick perusal of our website will attest to this. Think of TX3 in mathematical terms. The equation, Tx3=TTT (To The Trade)

TX3 was formed to specifically address the needs of industry professionals in the architectural and interior design sectors. It is our objective to enhance their capabilities by providing a broad array of products and services in a manner that ensures a convenient and enjoyable experience, coupled with results of the highest caliber and a timely delivery schedule. In an era when attention to detail, high quality standards and the commitment to serve client interests are falling by the wayside, TX3 maintains the highest level of integrity. Our clients deserve nothing less.

We can help free you, the professional to pursue your higher calling; that being interpreting your clients' goals and providing creative and well thought out solutions. If you write the symphony we will conduct and provide the orchestra. You will experience a performance rendered by virtuosos.

We gear all that we do to enhance comfort while promoting efficiency and resource conservation. Whether for a corporate, residential, commercial, institutional, mobile or digital application, we strive to help you create an environment conducive to its intended purpose. Whatever the program, we stand ready to provide proposals that specifically and concisely address your requirements.

We welcome your inquires and will provide quotes for turnkey service or for any subcomponents that your projects may require. TX3 is conversant with the specific needs of a global marketplace. We provide our products and services on a worldwide basis. In most cases our proposals are provided at no obligation.