Our Core Values

At TX3, our stated philosophy is more just than words on a website or motivational material. It is a reflection of our true beliefs.

Our belief is that the mark of a successful business transaction is more than the bottom line. We take pride in providing true value-not only in terms of cost and quality, but also by maintaining a strict protocol that makes the process of doing business with us and the resultant critical path of execution both enjoyable experiences.

At TX3. we hold our clients' satisfaction as the ultimate determination of our success.

Because of the nature and variety of our products and services, TX3 assigns clients a designated account manager who will maintain personal contact.

As consultants, and when developing our products, we believe that:
- We should be style neutral and aim for our clients' objectives
- We should develop products that are built to last
- We should use recyclable and sustainable materials when possible
-The schematic phase of design, budgeting and value engineering are critical to a project's success
- Maintaining strong working relationships with our project consultants, subcontractors and vendors is of paramount importance.