TX3 Smart Homes

“TX3 Smart House”

1. Design Program: To develop a proprietary system of construction that will merge techniques employed in the modular housing industry with the best aspects of conventional construction thus significantly reducing costs. Designs implementing our system may be developed to suit virtually any architectural style and price point. We firmly believe that to the extent it is possible a given design should be compact and that a comfortable and luxurious home need not be voluminous. That said, our system applies to structures of all sizes

2. Potential Markets: The perception of what constitutes a desirable residence is undergoing a fundamental shift. People are beginning to realize that unnecessarily large homes not only initially cost more to build but that the cost of ongoing maintenance, utilities and taxes are all proportionately increased. Today’s “McMansion” is tomorrows “white elephant”. Forward thinking individuals are already reevaluating their perspective of what makes for a comfortable home.

3. Prototype Development Status: We have developed over one hundred preliminary designs ranging in size from approximately five hundred to five thousand square feet. All of them are adaptable to various styles and regional vernaculars.

4. Planned website Presentation: We plan to present a few of our smaller designs each styled differently based on the intended application. Our presentation will include floor plans (including suggested furniture layouts), roof plans and elevations.

We welcome inquires regarding one offs, joint ventures and capital investments.