TX3 Floating Homes

“TX3 Aqua House”

1. Design Program: To develop a line of high end floating homes of various sizes. Our objective is to break out of the conventional houseboat mold and create designs that are truly opulent in terms of styling and amenities.

2. Potential Markets: Those seeking a primary residence or vacation retreat that is transportable and affords a “liveaboard lifestyle” while avoiding the considerable expense and ongoing maintenance associated with propulsion. Our designs will be available with "Blue Water" capable hull configurations.

3. Prototype Development Status: We have developed basic schematic designs for several models.

4. Planned Website Presentation: A three level configuration including three or four state rooms and all of the spaces that one would expect to find on a luxury yacht in the eighty to one hundred foot range. Our presentation will include plans for all levels along with elevations and selected details.

We welcome inquires regarding one offs, joint ventures and capital investments.