TX3 Supertrailers

“TX3 Super trailer”

1. Design Program: To develop a line of high-end “travel trailers” ranging in size from approximately eighteen feet to forty five feet in length. The design and styling of these units will have more in common with luxury yachts and private jets then with the typical R.V. For whatever reason, it would seem that even the styling of the most luxurious R.V.s leaves much to be desired. Our designs are not “fancy boxes” but feature aerodynamically efficient and aesthetically pleasing body styles. Each interior will be individually styled according to the purchaser’s criteria and executed to the highest quality standards.

2. Potential Markets: Apart from the high end R.V. application, various individuals in the entertainment industry (from Nascar to Rap Star) have a need for a transportable home. Many in film, television, music and sports have the means and desire for something out of the ordinary. Our larger units are designed to be hauled by either a heavy-duty tow vehicle or a conventional tractor (thus allowing for inexpensive and convenient relocation via a commercial trucking firm).

3. Prototype Development Status: We have developed several basic schematic designs.

4. Planned Website Presentation: Our forty-foot long model including accommodation plans, roof plan, elevations and selected details.

We welcome inquires regarding one offs, joint ventures and capital investments.